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The new head leaders of Stellenberg High School for 2019 are:

Lize-Marié Marais, Jason de Wet (chair person), Flavia Davids and André Bartes


Sr 19 

SRC 2019 


The SRC is a dynamic team of students who dedicate themselves to their school. We strive to motivate others and lead the school in the right direction.

Our mission for the year:  One Stellenberg, burning brighter.

We strive to create a positive mindset in Stellenberg, where everyone is respectful and proud to take part.  Therefore everyone supports and believes in our school while living out our FIRE-values.

Ons sien uit na 'n fantastiese 2019!





Die Studenteraad van Stellenberg probeer skoolgaan so lekker as moontlik maak.  Om 'n gesonde gees in die skool te handhaaf deur goeie kommunikasie, inisiatiewe en ondersteuning van verskeie aksies en aktiwiteite is van kardinale belang.

In order to achieve this, we have various committees which organise numerous events and fun activities during breaks and in the term.

‘n Eko-leefstyl raak al hoe meer deel van ons huishoudings se alledaagse leefwyse. Die Eko-komitee se doelstelling is om ook die eko-leefstyl in Hoërskool Stellenberg te vestig. Die komitee het reeds die herwinning van papier en plastiek in die skool begin implementeer. Hulle hoop om in die toekoms meer materiaal te herwin en nuwe maniere te vind hoe die skool meer omgewingsvriendelik kan wees. Die doel is dat hierdie eko-leefstyl ‘n onderrighulpmiddel vir die leerders sal wees.

Community Service
A passionate group of learners who interact with under-privileged and disadvantaged schools. Their projects enhance the lives of many children and their aim is to encourage children to improve themselves and their environment with the support of Stellenberg High School, their sponsors and the community.

Sport and Culture
The Sport and Culture Committee promotes the various sports teams and cultural activities in the school and keeps the school informed regarding events and results of the various activities.


A group that facilitates effective communication between the learners and staff. The Communication Committee ensures that everyone in the school community knows what is happening in the school and what events are taking place . The committee is responsible for the Student Council's social media network accounts and marketing events.


Our social media pages

Instagram:    @hs_stellenberg
Qooh:    hs_stellenberg
FacebookHoërskool Stellenberg Studenteraad


 Dm / qooh us anytime with questions or suggestions.

Die gees-komitee is saam met die dirigente en 'drumline' verantwoordelik vir die skool se gees.  Die doel van die komitee is om leerders aan te moedig om skoolaktiwiteite te ondersteun en so gees te bou.  The committee also organises fun events to promote participation in sport and cultural activities in the school.



LEADStellies is the main project of the student council.

What is LEADStellies?

It is an initiative similar to LeadSA that was introduced by Kfm.  Its focus is to do the simple and small things right in order to accomplish a big change in our school or society.  LEADStellies focuses on our FIRE values and on positive things and to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Each act makes a difference.

How do you show your support to the LEADStellies initiative?

  • ♦  Your signature on the LEADStellies banner in the SRC passage is a declaration of your commitment to supporting the initiative.
    ♦  Wearing the "One Stellenberg Burning Brighter" badge with pride
    ♦  Living out your FIRE values on a daily basis
    ♦  Supporting initiatives in the school that is aimed at making a difference in our school and society
    ♦  Remember - LEADStellies does not require you to do extraordinary things.  EVERYONE is able to make a difference, examples include:
        -  smile when you walk past a fellow learner
        -  greet your teachers
        -  respect the seniors in the school
        -  pick up litter
        -  wear your school uniform with pride
        -  stand up when you speak to a teacher
        -  be mindful of your language
        -  allow girls to walk ou of the classroom first
        -  respect school property - do not vandalise
        -  be on time for classes
        -  support our sport and cultural events
        -  stand up against bullying
        -  do not back chat teachers
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - DO IT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO - NOT BECAUSE OF LAWS OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT.  Let LEADStellies become part of who you are, let it define you.


Die SR is verantwoordelik vir die volgende funksies by die skool:

      • ♦  Verwelkoming van nuwe leerders in die skool
        ♦  Food Festival
      • ♦  Graad 11 dinee
      • ♦  Poedingaand
        ♦  Spookhuis
        ♦  LAN-evening
        ♦  Hockey-5-a-side tournament
        ♦  Netbal fast 5 tournament
        ♦  Touchies day
        ♦  MTBS-braai
      • ♦  Juniorbal
      • ♦  SR-week


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