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Since 2005, Stellenberg High School and Linz International School (from Austria) have partnered and engaged in an exciting cultural exchange. Every second year in March, a friendly group of learners travels to South Africa and experiences life as a Stellie. In October, a group of our learners, accompanied by two educators, flies off to Linz and indulges in the best that Austria has to offer – from beautiful country-side villages and traditional pork schnitzel with sauerkraut, to the fast track tram and endless moments of fun.

Upon preparation for the exchange, the learners from each school are paired up according to similar interests and hobbies. They then spend the next five months communicating via email, facebook and phone. When in each country, the learners live with one another for a time period of 10 – 12 days and become part of the family. Every day the learners go on outings to various places, providing an opportunity to fully engage in the beauties that each country has to offer.

The Linz exchange programme is an offer to Grade 9 and 10 learners in the previous year of the exchange, so that they will be in grade 10 and 11, when they travel to Linz. There are no specific requirements for learners wanting to be a part of this programme. All that is expected of the learner, is for him/her to open his/her home to a new friend.

“Memorable, amazing, awesome, fun, interesting, busy, speechless, I want to go again” is how past learners have described their experience in the Linz exchange programme. New friends, sightseeing, learning about a new culture and memorable moments is what this programme has brought into the lives of the learners who have been part of the programme.

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