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· Academic management plan Gr.8 - Gr.11 

Grade 12


Microsoft Teams (Our Online classes started on 21 April 2020)

  • Training Material (How to Guides)
    1. How to login to Office 365 portal
    2. Microsoft OneDrive and Cloud Storage
    3. A summary of all apps available and downloading of the Office Suite
    4. A quick summary of Microsoft Teams
    5. Microsoft Teams, Assignments and Quizzes for learners
    6. How to join a virtual class via Microsoft Teams
    7. Scanning a document using your mobile device via MS OneDrive
    8. Microsoft OneNote basic features
    9. MS Teams Assignments and OneNote integration

Stellenberg Intouch:

· How to register as a parent (LINK) / Hoe om te registreer as ‘n ouer (LINK)

· How to register as a learner (LINK)

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Additional resources / addisionele hulpbronne:

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